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In this section, you’ll find the perfect brush for every hair type! Straight, wavy, curly, thick or thin: we each have our own unique and marvellous head of hair that needs to be cared for in its own way. Choosing the right brush can be the key to making your hair even more beautiful!

Short hair and beard

Looking after a beard and hair requires a regular routine and the right products. Among these, having the right brush is particularly important when it comes to detangling and shaping a beard. This will prevent matting and keep your beard neat and tidy.

Long and straight hair

Long and straight hair needs special care to keep it healthy and in good shape. Use wide-tooth combs and brushes to avoid split hairs. Start from the tips and work upwards, proceeding carefully to detangle any knots.

Medium-length and straight hair

Medium-length and straight hair offers ideal versatility for a range of different styles and updos. Caring for it requires a perfect balance of upkeep and styling. Use a medium-sized brush with short pins and a wide-tooth comb to prevent split hairs.

Curly hair

Looking after curly hair requires specific and gentle care to preserve its natural beauty and health. To protect the shaft and maintain the curl, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb and a brush with very long pins.