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Ceramik: a cutting-edge styling tool that helps preserve your hair’s health

""Tek was the first company in the world to conceive of making a brush in ceramic, making our brush the original, one and only Ceramik brush. Our Ceramik products are high-tech: different types of ceramic are applied using the most advanced laser technology""

Why use Ceramik?

Even heat distribution: The ceramic base of Ceramik brushes allows even heat distribution. This helps avoid excessive hair damage caused by overly high temperatures in specific points.

Less frizz: Ceramic has a natural capacity to reduce static electricity in hair, meaning Ceramik brushes can help keep frizz under control and make the hair smoother and silkier.

Strong bristles: The Ceramik brush bristles make for easy combing and styling of the hair without pulling or damaging it and can resist heat up to 180°.

Heat resistance: Ceramik brushes are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for use in combination with hair dryers or thermal styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons.

Lightness and handling: Ceramik brushes are light and easy to handle thanks to their ergonomic and pro-grip handle, making them comfortable to use even for several hours.

Modern and practical design: Ceramik brushes feature a modern and practical design making them not only attractive, but also easy to use.

Suitable for different hair types: Ceramik brushes are available in different sizes and with bristles suitable for different hair types, ensuring excellent results for all needs.

Ceramik Antibacteric is the first, real, antibacterial brush!

Ceramik professional antimicrobial brushes are the product of new technology applied to the brush bristles. The latter are made of a special, heat-resistant material, polybutylene terephthalate-nylon, with the addition of a powerful antibacterial agent capable of annihilating bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus. The brush roller, on the other hand, is anodised, making the brush an “easy cleaner”.