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The WIDU professional carder is a must-have tool when it comes to caring for your pet’s coat. Brushing your pet with this tool will eliminate knots, remove any impurities and painlessly comb out any excess undercoat. 

The WIDU professional carder features an ergonomic handle made of 100% FSC®-certified ash wood for easier carding; a cushioned brush made of pure natural rubber reinforced with a double cotton weave featuring special stitched padding especially designed for practical use, as well as galvanised pins making the brush water-resistant. 

The WIDU carder is VeganOK-certified and made entirely by hand in Italy.


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Ergonomic handle

The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, reducing strain and allowing perfect control over movement to ensure your pet enjoys a pleasant carding experience

Gentle on the skin

The ergonomic handle, curved shape of the head and special stitched padding facilitate the carding movement, avoiding excessive pressure and providing a gentle feel on the skin

Washable and durable

Ash wood, natural reinforced rubber and galvanised pins are designed to be both weather- and wash-resistant, making the WIDU carder water-resistant


Since the product does not contain any animal-derived components, the WIDU carder is certified VeganOK, the original and exclusive Italian Ethical marking verifying products as Vegan-friendly

The WIDU carder, suitable for both cats and dogs, is available in four versions

Small carder with short pins: ideal for small-sized, short-haired animals

Small carder with long pins: ideal for small-sized, long-haired animals

Large carder with short pins: ideal for medium/large-sized, short-haired animals

Large carder with long pins: ideal for medium/large-sized, long-haired animals

Recommendations for use

There is a subtle but important difference between carding and brushing, which is simply combing to keep your faithful four-legged friend looking tidy. A good brushing paves the way for efficient carding.

Carding is a painstaking operation that requires patience and care and is essential for your pet’s health. A well-combed and knot-free coat avoids parasites, promotes blood circulation and is extremely important for bonding between the human and animal

Brushing needs to be done once a week, whereas carding can be done less frequently. It is important to be very gentle during this procedure to avoid causing irritation or possible wounds. Much caution is required especially around the eyes, ears and nose during this process.

How do you know if carding is being done properly? If the collected hair is evenly distributed across the brush and there are no marks, you're doing the job right.

It is advisable to start with a wide-tooth comb to facilitate the rest of the procedure

Hold the carder very gently to ensure the right level of sensitivity and apply the correct pressure

It is also very important to use the wrist and not the forearm or elbow; rotate your wrist from the centre of the area outwards so that you can hook the knot and open it up without causing discomfort or pain

Carding must be done following the direction of the hair to avoid causing your pet any pain