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Tek is always mindful of the eco-environmental system and implements a sustainable development policy

We are the natural and healthy solution for your hair. Our products are certified with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) mark, identifying products containing wood from sustainably and responsibly managed forests in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. In March 2017, we obtained BCorp® certification acknowledging the sustainability of both our product and our company and, in 2018, the VeganOK mark

In March 2017, Tek became a B Corp® company, joining the ranks of corporations and people whose businesses aim to have a positive social and environmental impact. B Corp®-certified companies, besides aiming to maximise profit, also officially assume obligations of transparency and responsibility towards a broader number of stakeholders including partners, employees, citizens and the environment

Tek is always mindful of the eco-environmental system and implements a sustainable development policy, in addition to avoiding uncontrolled deforestation. All our woods are 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) -certified. FSC® promotes eco-friendly, socially beneficial and economically sustainable forest management throughout the world

In December 2018, Tek obtained VeganOK certification, the first and only Ethical marking for Vegan products created in Italy, serving as a guarantee of the absence of animal-derived parts within the products in question. Tek uses only natural materials for its consumer line, from the individual components of the product through to the final packaging

Since 2020, we have been a Treedom partner and have created our own forest – the Tek Forest – to increasingly build on our promise and ensure our positive impact on the environment and society, consolidating our status as a sustainable and socially responsible brand. Since then, we have already planted 230 trees in 2 countries in Africa, and thus recovered 17,160 kg of CO2

Since 1977, the first sustainable brush

Environmental awareness and a strong focus on hair care have always been the cornerstones of our philosophy. Every product is handcrafted using only natural materials like wood, ideal for promoting hair health and shine

The woods we use come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests

We use only natural rubber so as not to resort to plastic or petroleum derivatives

The finishing part, handmade, is made according to eco-sustainable principles through the use of linseed oil and carnauba vegetable wax

All our product packaging is entirely plastic-free and made from recycled cardboard