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What kind of brush are you?

Tek has always created and offered technologically advanced and at the same time practical products, suitable for any use and kind of hair. It’s very important to choose the right brush size and the correct length of the pins in order to achieve the desired effect. In this section you will find some important information to understand which is the right brush for you.



General rule

The general rule to follow when choosing the type of brush is:

- the longer the hair, the wider the surface of the tool to use
- the thicker the hair, the longer the pins

Wide surface

As shown in the general rules, this type of hairbrush is perfect for long or medium-length hair. The short pins of the 1022-03 model are particularly suitable for straight and thin hair, while the long pins of 1021-03 model re perfect for long, very long, wavy and thick hair: it goes deeper, makes it easier to brush and in this way avoids hair splitting.

Narrow surface

Ideal hairbrush for short or very short hair.
As with wide hairbrushes, there are models with short pins ideal for straight and thin hair, and models with long pins ideal for thick and curly hair. Model 1620-03 is a perfect example of this category.



General rule

- the thinner the hair, the thicker the pin of the comb
- the thicker the hair, the wider the pin of the comb

Curly, very curly of afro hair

The ideal comb for this type of hair is the Afro model, which allows you to thoroughly untangle the knots and create volume at the roots. It is available in different colors and thanks to its small size it is easy to carry in a handbag. Here are the details: 2020-03

Thick hair

The ideal comb for this type of hair is the 2040-03: it has thin pins and is perfect for untangling knots. Thick hair needs in fact a lot of hydration and nutrition and the pin set wide apart allows a homogeneous distribution of conditioners or cosmetic products.

Thin or very thin hair

One of the ideal combs for thin hair is the 2050-03, with thick pins, ideal to distribute oils, masks and other hair treatments.



As for hairstyles, Tek offers a wide range of brushes and combs that are perfect for making them. Among these stands out the Ceramik line (thermal hairbrushes in authentic ceramics), exclusively composed of high-tech products. The hairbrushes of this line have various diameters:

- Small diameters for short hair
- Large diameters for long hair

For further tips and more specific advice to better understand which hairbrush or comb to buy, our experts will be happy to help you! So contact us at:

Now, what kind of hairbrush are you?