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Tek Cares

Made in Italy, sustainability and environmental protection have always been the key points of our philosophy.

Tek combines craftsmanship and technology: the careful and thoughtful manufacture allows the realization of products according to specific principles, innovative technologies allows a forefront studied in the Beauty sector.

The principles of the company are applied in the whole production:

  • The woods come from responsible and well- managed forests
  • It’s used a natural caucciù rubber to avoid the use of oil derivative
  • The packaging is made of natural carton

The attention and the cure for nature are not only the philosophy for the company, but rather they are a principle extremely important for the hair treatment. The use of wood for the realization of the handle and pins allow brushing hair without any risks and avoid electrifying them.

The choice of natural rubber for the support of pins also allows a soft and comfortable brush, a massage to scalp and then the improvement of blood circulation that reinforce hair roots. The wooden pins, unlike the plastic, are perfectly turned and polished without any imperfection that may damage hair.