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Rectangular brush with regular pins

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Rectangular wood brush with regular pins, handmade in Italy with sustainable materials: handle in ash wood, pins in hornbeam, and a natural rubber cushion. Short and medium hair, and men’s hair? Here’s your best antistatic tool.

Our Natural Collection has brushes in different shapes and sizes. This rectangular brush with short pins is just perfect for short and medium women’s hair, and men’s hair, generally speaking. Materials: 100% FSC® certified handle in ash wood, 100% FSC® certified pins in hornbeam, and a vegan rubber pad. This hair product is also VeganOk and B Corp certified. Size: 8.66’’ long and 2.57’’ wide – 22 x 4 cm.

How to use paddle wood brush with long pins

First off, with your eyes looking in front of you, start brushing your hair from the very end of it: from tips to head. Then, lower your head with your eyes looking at your feet, and brush your hair again from tips to head. For a perfect detangling, please repeat it (at least) 2 times. Finally, gently massage your head with wooden pins: they make your hair lots healthier. Please remember to use our wooden comb with handle, before brushing your hair with our paddle brush.

How to clean your brush

Taking care of our hair brush is a priority. All our products are waterproofed: please pour some warm water and neutral soap or shampoo for a natural cleaning. Avoid leaving your brush on heaters or using a hairdryer; instead, gently dub it with a towel. Notice: to maintain its performance, we recommend getting a new brush every 2 years.

The Tek Brushes story

In 1977, Tek Benefit Corporation was founded by Giulio Valsecchi as a made-in-Italy company, crafting wooden combs and brushes, fully respecting the environment. Our products are used by both professional hairdressers and final customers. Since the very beginning, high-quality materials, attention to details and hair health, beauty and design, are the foundations of our world. We were the first one inventing a hair brush with wooden handles and pins.


Rectangular brush with regular pins, 8,66" long, 1.57" wide (cm 22 x 4). Made in natural ash wood FSC 100% certified, handle treated with linseed oil and vegetal carnauba wax; regular pins made in hornbeam wood FSC 100% certified, 0.71" long; black pure rubber cushion. This brush is ideal for short or medium hair, it is also recommended for men's hair. Antistatic - Handmade in Italy.

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